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InfBlocker Shield PRO 2013

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About this Software

This Free Software protects the computer against virus from infected USB flash drive. It has an ability to lock autorun.inf files and its associate executable files in a multiple instance of plugging USB flash drive. It also removes or disables the suspicious files in a USB flash drive. InfBlocker can immunize any drive to prevent virus infection.

This program is free for personal and non-commercial use. Distributed exclusively by RCPsoft.net

v. English - OS: Microsoft Windows© XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
Build PRO 1.0 RCPsoft.net 2013 - Requires Microsoft .NET Framework

Install Application File

The installation of infblocker is non-invasive, it will create a single path to the directory necessary to contain the executable file and saving options.

Getting Started

At startup, InfBlocker is in the taskbar of the desktop with active protection, by right-clicking the icon, you can access the various items for use.

Real Time Protection

InfBlocker automatically recognizes the insertion of new USB devices and it scans for files that can infect your computer.

If the setting is flagged: "Automatic Fix Them" the infected files will be blocked and the device should be immunized.

If the setting is flagged: "Show Warning Dialog" will open a dialog box for selecting the operations on the infected file.

We recommend that you protect your computer automatically.

Enable Device Notification

If notification is enabled peripherals will be issued some warnings like "device disconnected" or whatever, it is not necessary for normal operation of the software.

Scan Drives

InfBlocker addition to the active protection on USB devices can perform a scan on all hard drives on your computer to search for threats, if a suspicious file is detected you can lock it or delete it.

Immunize Drives

This is one of the most important functions of InfBlocker, it is possible with a single gesture immunize USB drives and prevent infection, the drive will be safely protected, inside there will be an invisible shield that will block the attack even if the threat the device is connected to an infected system.

Similarly it is possible to de-immunize the drives with the same procedure.

Hunhide Files and Folders

This tool allows you to detect hidden files and make them visible.


Manage the program's options.


1. InfBlocker Run on Startup: Recommended to always have security enabled at system startup.

2. Unhide FIles and Folders: check also the hidden files when you connect a USB drive.

3. Activity Write to log file: Saves the history of operations in the directory of InfBlocker.

Mass Storage

4. Disable USB Mass Storage: prevents and stops reading the USB drives connected to the computer.

5. Write Protect USB Mass Storage: stop writing to the USB drives, prevents to perform operations such as deleting files or changing them.


6. Automatically Fix Them: If you connect a USB drive infected with virus will automatically stop the threat.

--Do What? You can decide whether to eliminate the threat, or just lock it.

7. Immunity to add the Infected Drive: You can decide whether to immunize infected drive automatically after blocking the threat.

8. Show Warning Dialog: Delete the above options and allows the user to view the infected files and decide which of these block or delete, you will see a window with the result of the automatic detection of threats.


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Few users may get this errors:

InfBlocker requires .NET Framework 2.0 or above.

InfBlocker immunize the removable drive (Not CDS).

Some settings may not work on USB drives already connected to the computer, when you save the settings you need to remove and reinsert the device.

Contact Us

You can contact us for personal support or other info about our software.

InfBlocker Developers

RCPsoft.net Staff